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Cleaning & Odor Control

Don't mask cat odors, eliminate them with our 100% pet safe products.Do you love cats, but not the odors that come with them? We have products that can help including a full line of Freshwave Pet Products designed exclusively for pet owners. Our products neutralize odors – not cover them up. Best of all, they are all 100% pet safe. We have products that can be used in the wash, in the vacuum cleaner, on the carpet or simply placed near a litter box.

Got a best pal who really oughtta be in pictures?

When your dog, cat or bird picture is just too good to keep to yourself, why not share it with others in the VPO community! Click here to send photos by e-mail, or use the button below to visit our Facebook page and share your photos there. (To learn more about the wonderful animals pictured above, visit our Flickr site.)