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Can you explain your privacy policy?

Sure, that’s easy. Village Pet Outfitters will never share (or sell, rent, trade, etc.) your personal information with other parties. Never.


How can I pay - and is my financial information safe if I purchase something with you online?

Who isn’t worried about online security these days? With VPO, you're assured of a secure financial transaction every time.

There are two ways to complete the payment process at VPO once you have your items in your cart and are ready to do so.  You can click the "Proceed to Checkout" button and pay with a credit card through our secure payment gateway (more info below), or choose the "Check out with PayPal" button.  That option lets you complete your payment on PayPal's secure payment platform.

If you select "Proceed to Checkout," you will be able to pay by credit card through our secure payment gateway.  Village Pet Outfitters uses a Comodo business validated SSL certificate, which protects sensitive financial information with 128/256 bit encryption.  Comodo's certificate, trusted by all popular browsers, offers strong encryption for a secure HTTPS session; in addition, it gives you the assurance that you're interacting with a secure and authentic domain even when you're not in HTTPS session (such as when you are simply browsing through products on our site).  This "futureproof" Comodo Elite SSL certificate is 2048-bit ready, secure for years to come.  The Comodo Corner-of-Trust trustmark (scroll over it!) and the gold padlock assure you of a safe transaction each time you shop with us.


Do I have to register an account to shop here?

No, you certainly don't.  You can check out as a guest every time you shop with us, if you wish.  We should mention that there are some advantages to creating an account, though.  If you choose to create an account, you can:

  • check out faster, because your billing address is automatically filled in for you, as are previous "ship to" addresses.  (Financial information is not stored.)
  • save multiple shipping addresses.  Your own address or other addresses you've sent things to will appear - just select the one you want.
  • access your order history, so you can search through what you've previously ordered and when
  • track your current order
  • arrange for returns/exchanges online
  • become eligible for future discounts and specials

So that's it!  We think creating an account gives you access to some nifty features, but doing so is entirely up to you. 


What about environmental considerations related to packaging?

Like most people, VPO is concerned about our planet, and we take extremely seriously all decisions related to packaging and shipping materials. As we mentioned above, some of our products are shipped directly from the manufacturers (to avoid waste and keep costs as low as possible). For those items, remember that all corrugated cardboard that isn’t wax coated is recyclable, and we urge you to recycle those boxes.

For the items we ship directly from VPO, our boxes are either USPS provided (awarded Cradle to Cradle(SM) Certification for their environmental attributes), are recycled, or are manufactured by a local company that uses 100% recycled content (OCC-old corrugated containers) to produce its 100% recyclable boxes.  Again, all this cardboard is recyclable, and we urge you to recycle those boxes.

As for interior fill and cushioning materials, we have more good news.  We used to hate packing peanuts until we met these little guys! They’re made of starch and other renewable resources. They can be reused for packing and are water-soluble and completely biodegradable; they won’t ever sit in a landfill, but will go right back into the soil. In fact, if you don’t want to save them to reuse (some people, we’re told, even use them as bedding for small mammals!), you can add a little water to them and watch them dissolve and go right down the drain! But why not reuse them—with a completely clear conscience.


What about sales tax?

If you make a purchase that is shipped to a Wisconsin address, Wisconsin state sales tax of 5% will be charged.  Sometimes there may be a bit more tax due (additional local/county taxes), but if that's the case we'll pay the difference.


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